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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red comes to Liz with a blacklister named T. Earl King VI who is a part of an auction for rare and valuable items.

The two siblings are vying for the inheritance through a dangerous game that involves the auction.

Red is tricked and captured, being placed in the auction.

Liz goes undercover to rescue him and get the blacklister.

Red is purchased and about to be killed, when Liz comes back for him and saves him.

Red kills King, and the FBI comes down onto the auction.

Red tells Liz never to do what she did again, but she says she did it because she cares. He thanks her but reminds her not to do it again.

Harold learns that his deal to be on the clinical trial does come with strings.

Tom goes back into the field, shaves his head, and heads into Germany.

The Blacklist
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