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Yes, is that what you want me to say? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.


A ripe apple falls. It doesn’t know what else to do.


This building doesn’t exist. You’re not here. And you never were.


Belief is such a relative concept.


Liz: I know I'm breaking my promise, but I have to do this.
Tom: You want to, there's a difference.

Dr. Adrian Shaw: Are you sick?
Red: You have no idea.

You're always giving us someone six degrees of separation from Kirk.


Quack, quack, bitch.


I just wanna thank you for trusting me.


What a curious concern for a mama grizzly going after her cub.


Is that why you're calling me? For dating advice?


Your call saved my life. Thank you.

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The Blacklist Quotes

People say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. I believe wisdom is wasted on the old. All you can do is part with it.


Just because you’ve been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra doesn’t mean you can compose a symphony.