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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Liz declares herself a Russian agent. The embassy decides to send her to Russia, but Red learns that the order came from a man connected with the Cabal.

Ressler is determined to bring Liz in, but when he learns she could be killed he attacks the convoy.

Liz escapes and meets up with Red at a diner.

Red calls in his own sighting, which brings the FBI to the diner.

Instead of a hostage situation, Red wants to break out of prison his lawyer, Marvin Gerard.

Marvin discovers something involving the fulcrum and a bigger plan.

Marvin, Red, and Liz escape the diner.

Liz and Red sail off together on a boat.

Harold is offered a deal, but he refuses to resign.

Mr. Solomon gives Dembe’s granddaughter the antidote to the poison. Then he starts beating Dembe for where Red is headed.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

When I look at you, I see my way home.


I can't let her go.