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On the episode of The Blacklist…

Red seeks out Liz’s grandfather, Katarina’s father, Dom.

Red misses the funeral for Liz.

The FBI team is on the hunt for Liz’s killer, the mysterious person or persons who sent Mr. Solomon after Liz.

They discover a high-power investor is also being targeted by the same group that targeted Liz.

Adam discovers the Artax Network, a secure system using satellites, is being used by the group.

The FBI manages to find the base of the operators aiding the covert teams, but they can’t catch the people or get any evidence.

They discover that Nez managed to get released and was after the businessman.

Harold is told to stand down and that there are higher powers at play.

Harold recruits Tom to start investigating, and they discover a woman someone connected to Harold’s boss and the mysterious group’s target.

Adam seeks out Red for help who initially refuses. After some persuasion from Dom, Red is ready to help.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

I understand why you have collapsed into rubble, I do. And I’m truly sorry. But I’m here to collect on your debt.


I can’t live for long with what I feel inside. I don’t see how anyone can.