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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Alexander Kirk’s men break him out of the hospital. Liz is taken, too.

Tom pursues them. He is nearly captured as well, but Ressler arrives to save him.

Mr. Kaplan continues to be helped by the hunter in the woods. Mr. Kaplan gets free from her shackles, and the hunter decides to let her go.

Red has Dr. Adrian Shaw find patient zero, Lucille Box, who responded to Adrian’s treatment, which means Red has the cure for Alexander.

Alexander learns Liz is not his daughter from his own people.

Red demands a trade for Elizabeth, and he is taken to Alexander.

Alexander tortures Red and asks if Red is Liz’s father. Red says yes. Alexander refuses to take the cure.

He prepares to kill Red, but Red whispers a secret to him that stops him.

Red returns to see Liz and the baby.

The Blacklist
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