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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red chases down leads to find Liz.

Alexander Kirk says his wife had an affair with Red, but Red is not the father of Liz. He says Red later took Liz.

Red finds Kirk and Liz, but he is forced to flee before the government arrives.

Red tells the FBI to find Manuel Esteban, a blacklister, who will help them get to Liz.

Samar doesn’t want to help, upset that Liz lied to them. Ressler goes alone to meet up with Esteban in order to set up a meet with Red.

Tom manages to escape his captor.

Liz reunites with Agnes, but she tries to escape.

She is recaptured and taken away on a plane right as Red arrives with his team.

Mr. Kaplan manages to get Agnes back.

As Red, Kaplan and Dembe leave, a car crashes into them. Agnes is kidnapped again.

The Blacklist
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