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The Task Force interviews a man and a woman about a hit and run.

Harold visits Red about the list. Red asks Harold to help Liz.

Liz gets a visit from a detective about Tom's murder. 

Red visits a "bank" looking for names of bank account holders. Liz gives the detective information about the night of the murder. He shares information with her. On the wall, there is no picture of Ian Garvey.

Red gets the names of the people on the list and gives it to the Task Force. 

Liz gets information about Navarro, the guy from the wall the detective identified.

Ressler is following someone when he gets a call from the cleaner who tells him to stand down. He's in control of the judge either. Ressler follows Fisher and arrests him after sending Samar and the other cops to another location.

The Cleaner threatens Ressler and shows him pictures of Ressler over Hitchin's body.

Samar tells Ressler about Prescott/The Cleaner. Bishop gave up Prescott. She knows the judge was set up.

Samar and Ressler visit a cop who tells them about Perez who's password is Frank Sturgeon. Samar knows something is going on, but Ressler holds her off. His name and recording is on an iPad in Perez's apartment. 

Red knows something is happening and calls Ressler to have a chat.

Samar talks to Harold about Ressler. They both know something is up with him.  Red tells Ressler about Prescott and The Informant.

Red and Ressler visit the judge to question her about Prescott. She gives up Prescott's real name. The judge jumps out the window and kills herself.

Samar and Aram arrive at the scene. Red and Ressler leave. They are in the car talking. Ressler talks to Red about Audrey. 

Ressler is going to arrest Prescott (Mitchell). Mitchell takes off and Ressler chases after. Red stops him and Ressler has a chance to kill him but doesn't. he handcuffs him.

Liz finds Navarro. 

Ressler talks to Harold, but before he has a chance to talk, Harold tells him Prescott died in an accident. Turns out Red took care of Prescott. Ressler gives him a signed confession and Harold refuses to accept it but takes it and put sit in his pocket.  He expects to see Ressler at the office the next day. Harold then gives Ressler his own confession letter with the stipulation that they both hold on to each other's letters until the task force is done with their job and then send the letters through the proper channels.

Ressler is pissed at Red for killing Prescott, but Ressler leaves.

Liz is trying to find out Ian Garvey's name from Navarro. The guy with the knife. Navarro tells Liz that Nic was helping Tom. He overtakes her and she has flashbacks to that dreadful night which gives her the strength t fight him off. He dies when he falls into a glass table and a piece of glass ends up in his jugular and he dies.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

As long you play dirty cop, we'll be fine. Under the circumstances, I think you can manage that, can't you?

Red [to Ressler]

Red: Elizabeth is back.
Harold: So I hear. How is she?
Red: Determined to find Tom's killers.
Harold: Understandable.
Red: I'm the devil on one shoulder, you're the angel on her other. She's in troubled waters, Harold. Please help her to navigate them.