Red is hosting a party. Everyone is there -- including Vontae!

Red gets a call from Dembe. He's found a body in Cuba that is supposedly Vesco'

Samar is talking to Aram about what's happening with her. He agrees that resigning from the Task Force was a good idea.

The party is over and Liz is there. Red tells her about Robert Vesco.

It's a case she hands over to the Task Force and involves hidden treasure. Samar tells the team she resigned.

Ressler and Liz investigate the findings of the body found in Vesco's grave.

Samar has an exit interview at the Mossad safe house. He tells her former lover that she's engaged. She has to submit to a lie detector test.

Ressler and Liz are in Nova Scotia surveilling Vesco. 

Samar is answering questions and tells the team she's pregnant but not about her illness.

Vesco escapes before Ressler and Liz can question him. Someone is giving Vesco directions. He's picked up by Red in a police car.

Red wants his money and wants to know where the treasure is.

He makes plans with Vesco to find the treasure.

Samar tells Aram about the polygraph.

Liz tells the team about Vesco and the Task Force decides to find the treasure before they do.

Red and Vesco are at the Library of Congress searching for clues via The Ballad of the de la Cruz. Samar and Aram figures out where Red and Vesco are. Red and Vesco learn that the de la Cruz didn't sink but was hijacked.

Red and Vesco make a plan while Ressler and Liz visit the Library of Congress.

Red decides they're doing the heist tomorrow.

Samar is packing up and Aram is reminiscing about how he fell in love with her.

Aram figures out what Red is up to saving Liz and Ressler hours of research.

Levi meets Aram at the coffee shop. He thinks Samar is lying and tells him that she might be a liability. Aram tells him what happened to Samar. Levi also spills the beans about Samar's pregnancy.

Red and Vesco are at the opera and put their plan into action. How ridiculous that they have to do everything according to the timing of the opera.

OMG Glen makes a distraction so Red and Vesco can continue their job. And they find the gold!

Liz finds Glen and wants to know where Red is. She calls Red. She wants Vesco.

Vesco knows that Red is not happy with him, but Red tells him he's not going to turn him in.

They end up at a restaurant talking memories.

Aram and Samar talk about the pregnancy and then she tells him she's not pregnant. She tells him she wants to be pregnant but it can't happen because of her condition.

Samar breaks it off with him.

Red hands over the treasure to Liz and Ressler but tells them he let Vesco go, but when he opens up the storage unit, all the gold is gone. Vesco ripped him off.

Liz thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever and takes a pic of Red and Dembe to celebrate.

Aram finds Samar to talk again. He's not giving up. They're engaged again!
















The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Harold: The last fifty years there have been two truly mythical fugitives: Robert Vesco and Raymond Reddington.

Red: Did I ever tell you about my mentor?
Liz: You mean somebody actually taught you how to drink this early?