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A guy gets a message 242 that he needs to leave. He nicks a woman who dies afterward.

Aram brings Samar breakfast in bed. He tells her they are taking a trip to Pennsylvania for some R&R.

Liz notices a picture of her mom and Red tells a story and then also another story about the Osterman Umbrella Company and how they put a hit out on Katarina. 

It's a new case for the Task Force.

Harold does some digging on his own because there might be a target killed in the U.S.

A woman, the assassin, gets her assignment.

Harold's friend is getting information for Harold. He makes an arrangement with Lansky about the murder and meets with the guy who arranged the hit. He denies it.

Harold, Ressler, and Liz are working the case.

Red meets with the same guy Harold talked with to find out the name of the agent being targeted. The guy keeps saying it's not an American agent but won't give any further information so Red takes them to visit a friend.

Aram and Samar are on vacation.

Teddy is torturing the guy. Dembe also gives Red a bottle of pills. The first dose. What?

There's a huge boa around the guy and Red brings in chinchillas. The guy's name is Hans. Teddy left and Red is going to finish up.

Red gets some information and Liz and Ressler investigate. They learn that Samar is the target.

Ressler is trying to get hold of Aram and Samar. Liz tells Red who the target is.

The assassin is in the hotel and she lures him downstairs leaving Samar alone.

Red meets with Levi to find out what's happening. He wants Levi to call off the hit.

The assassin shows up at Samar's room.

Samar realizes something's not right and attacks when the woman turns away. They fight. Aram heads back to the room but his phone is buzzing and he calls Harold back and finds out what's happening. He runs back to the room.

Samar is still fighting off the attacker. She kills the woman with her own ring. Samar knows who it is and they take off.

Levi gets a call about Samar.

Samar tells Aram about the Osterman Company and why she might be targeted.

Liz is in Pennsylvania and talks to Red who tells her about her condition and why she's being targeted. It's because of Aram because he told Levi about her condition and why.

Aram gets a getaway bag from a music teacher. She's injured from her fight.

Harold is talking to the top Mossad guy to try to get them to call off the hit.

Samar and Aram are at the hospital to fix her up privately. She tells him the only chance she has is to disappear, but the operatives have found them.

Aram figures out that the business card Levi gave him is how they were being tracked. The operatives attack again. It's a shootout.

The Mossad agent tells Harold that there's nothing he can do. Harold is pissed.

The cops arrive at the scene of the shootout but Aram and Samar are gone. She wants him to leave because it's to dangerous but he's not going anywhere.

She comes up with a plan for them to split up to get them out of the country. She's going to make arrangements. He's going back to the Task Force and then they'll meet up. but he senses something's not right.

Red has Levi tied up. He's pissed about what Levi did to Samar but also what the did to Aram. Loyalty. Wow. He suffocates Levi with a plastic bag over the head.

Harold has everything ready for Samar and Aram for them to become ghosts.

Aram says his goodbyes. Red and Dembe show up and tell Aram that Samar isn't coming. This was Samar's plan all along to be away from Aram and Red arranged it. 

Aram is so upset. He calls her. Everyone's heart is broken.

When he hangs up with Samar he punches Red and tells him he'll never forgive him. Oh, boy.













The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

What kind of information would Samar know that would make her a liability to the Mossad?


Liz: Health kick?
Red: They say what does kill you makes you stronger.