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Weecha survived the explosion at Mr. Kaplan's hideout. But she had been unconscious for four days in Red's makeshift treatment center. Harold says the degraded DNA from the body found there matched Kate's but he's not convinced she was involved. Aram has a session for his anxiety and depression with psychedelic therapist Dr. Idigbe. During his trip, Aram finds a big box filled with paper airplanes in his office. An alarm sounds. The Post Office is invaded by mercenaries led by a man in a bear mask. Raymond crashes into the morgue pretending to be a lawyer, seeking a DNA sample from the body. Aram's big box now holds a ring buried among avocadoes. The attack happens again. Aram attempts to follow Reddington's instructions to get everyone out but their escape is blocked. Aram can't kill the man in the bear mask. Then he's back to the beginning again. In reality, Harold and Ressler finds Mrs. Lecroix dead in her car. They arrest an armed man. Red has Vlad double-check the DNA sample. Aram gets the team out the same way the mercenaries came in. The Aram discovers that the man in the bear mask is him. Mierce arrives to help Weecha. Aram blames himself for Liz's death and Samar's leaving. Bear-Mask Aram is killed by Samar. She tells Aram that he's always been enough and it's about time that he sees that. He comes out of his trip. Vlad proves that the woman in the building was Kate's sister, Maureen. Aram feels better about his life after treatment. But Dr. Idigbe points out that he still has work to do. Raymond says that the payment for Mrs. Lecroix's assassin came from his account. Someone close to Reddington is involved. Aram talks with Harold about his experience. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Aram: When I first heard about psychedelic therapy, I expected something more ...
Dr. Idigbe: Tie-dye and trans music?

Harold: How's Weecha?
Red: Tenacious. I didn't expect her to last the first night let alone three.