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Red gives Dembe a case that may hold special meaning to Park. Park's ex John Richter surprises her at their spot. Richter attempts to recruit her to The Conglomerate. She gets a call from the Task Force, only to discover The Conglomerate, a company of assassins, is their next blacklister. She acts ignorant of it even when pressed by Dembe. She runs straight to Raymond, who brushes her off. She flashes back to her first meeting with Richter. Park admits to her teammates that she was asked to join The Conglomerate. Cooper instructs her to call Richter and pretend that she's interested. Red abducts Helen Fields, the leasee of Vandyke's apartment. He wants whatever intel she has about Vandyke. Park saves Richter by killing a target who got the drop on him. Red drops off Vandyke's laptop for Aram to crack since his usual tech guy is busy pledging a fraternity. As Park details her history with Richter to Cooper, Aram discovers Vandyke was tracking Liz's movements. Richter tells Park that the Conglomerate assassins seek job security. He wants to know why Alina didn't show up for their last mission. That was when she met Peter and quit the assassin business. As Park is interviewed, the team identifies the members of The Conglomerate. Then The Conglomerate is busted after Park leaves. Alina informs Reddington how to backtrack the missing tracker. Richter is holding Peter hostage when Park gets home. She and Richter battle and she beats him to a pulp as Peter watches. He's repulsed. Dembe and Ressler break in afterward. Aram finds out that the tracker's last signal came from the cemetery where Liz is buried. Ressler encourages Alina to talk with Peter. She tells Peter about the Task Force. Red informs Harold they need to exhume Liz's body. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

John: You introduced [Peter] to our spot. I can't decide if I should be jealous or touched.
Park: You should be leaving.

Red: You have a case to solve.
Dembe: More important than [Liz's murder]?
Red: It might be to Agent Park.