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As we begin, Nick tries to convince the CPS agent that this is all part of an effort by a vindictive Stephanie to hurt Brooke. Steph actually admits she doesn't like Brooke - but also points out that she's a terrible mother and the kids need protecting. Stephanie runs to find Taylor and asks if she's treating Brooke. The accusation is denied, but Taylor does admit she listened to Brooke earlier as a friend.

Stephanie orders her to testify in court tomorrow about how horrible Brooke is as a mother. That could be awkward, huh? Ridge refuses to allow Brooke to take - or even see - her children and suggests she come back in the morning when she'll have a fresh perspective on the matter.

Peeved, Brooke urges him to stop letting his mother control him and storms out. Brooke returns home where she finds Nick, vowing to help her tomorrow in court. Brooke reminds him how many times she's been married and how many fathers her children have. It's far from a small number.

Nick ignores her past and urges her to go into court, confident, ready. Back with Taylor, Nick gets an update on Stephanie's visit and urges her to speak on Brooke's behalf so she can get her kids back. Stephanie checks in with Ridge who asks her to stop talking about the matter. Instead, Stephanie makes sure that he didn't give Brooke her kids back, but then claims everything will be fine after the hearing tomorrow.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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