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And.. action!

Brooke feels lonely when she wakes up the next morning. Therefore, She calls Storm and he tries to calm her down, warning her not to bring up Stephanie in court.

Meanwhile, Rick and Bridget visit Brooke and also try to comfort her. They also offer to testify, but Brooke turns down this opportunity. After Brooke leaves, Rick expresses his doubt to Bridget.

From there, Brooke visits Nick and Taylor to ask the latter for support at the hearing. Taylor tells her that she has a chance at winning her children back. She just needs to bring it in court! After Stephanie and Taylor discuss the trial, he's served with a subpoena.

Ridge tells his family that if it were up to him, Brooke would already have the children returned to her. The hearing begins, as Storm realizes Stephanie may have given Dorothy preconceived notions of Brooke. Both Dorothy and Storm try to plea their cases to the judge - and Brooke breaks out making a passionate plea.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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