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When Phoebe tells Rick that she can't sing with him because she doesn't feel what she felt anymore, he guesses that she can sing with Constantine.

She explains that singing with the producer is just singing while their vocalizing was what defined them. Phoebe claims that is gone because she doesn't believe him anymore and doubts she ever will.

Episode Recap

Rick suggests they start over.

Brooke is shocked to find Andy in her darkened house with the papers he claims can help with her custody case.

He suggests they celebrate getting her kids back by having a drink. She refuses the offer but he hands her a glass anyway.

Keeping calm, Brooke opens the door and he reluctantly leaves. Brooke then hurries to lock all the windows before heading upstairs again.

When Felicia (Lesli Kay) comes home from her date with Constantine, she's upset to find Stephanie is anxious to hear about Brooke's date, not hers.

Stephanie ends up calling Andy and when he admits that he's standing outside her door after he failed to get her to have a drink, Stephanie urges him not to give up.

Remembering Stephanie's hint that she hides a key under a flower pot, Andy discovers a key there and uses it to enter her place again. He sneaks upstairs and grabs her from behind.

She knees him and runs downstairs but he grabs her and throws her to the ground where he slaps her.


Felicia slips over to Constantine's studio and finds him practicing his song. Claiming she wanted to thank him for his generous offer earlier, she does so with a passionate kiss.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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