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Russe Brooke is shocked when Andy admits that he is her secret admirer and offers to make up for the bad first impression he made. He then starts piling on the compliments as he talks up his interest in her.

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Remembering their first meeting, Brooke states that she's got to leave but he then claims that he can help with her custody case. He claims his sister handles custody cases in Chicago and tries to convince her he sympathizes with her.

As he touches her hand, a photographer snaps photos of them together before being kicked out. Brooke announces that she must leave but does reveal she has a hearing about her kids tomorrow.

Felicia urges Stephanie to back off after Ridge decided not to challenge Dorothy's decision to give Brooke her kids. Stephanie insists that she has to protect her grandchildren, just as Nick arrives. He announces that he wants Brooke to have her kids back and wants his wife left out of this.

Mentioning the online contest, Phoebe worries to Constantine about singing a love song with Rick after he slept with Ashley. Constantine tells her to treat this professionally and orders her to go rehearse.

After she leaves, Felicia joins the producer who confirms that the Russe is not his normal night spot. Admitting he knows about her successful fight against cancer, Constantine announces that he wants the proceeds of the concert to go to the research center that cured her.

Felicia then spots Brooke with Andy and calls Stephanie to report they're holding hands.

Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) is not pleased when Rick jokes with her by pretending he lost his voice. Laughing, he assures her that he wants them to be together again.


Back at home, Brooke is unnerved when Andy calls from her front gate and claims to have an article for her. She asks him to leave it in the mailbox and hangs up on him only to find him in her house later.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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