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Part One: Holding the now-clean letter opener and a photo of her children, Brooke remembers the rape by the attorney and then assigns a security man to reinstall the system she has for the house. Looking outside, Brooke discovers that her spare key is missing and orders the security man to change all the locks.

Part Two: She also asks him to assign a guard to watch over the place 24 hours a day. Brooke lets Dorothy inside and then freaks out when she sees the back of Dorothy's assistant who reminds her of Andy. Dorothy admits to Brooke that she was concerned by Brooke's actions last night. Hearing there may be no hearing, Brooke is set off and rails at her about taking her kids from her.

Part Three: When Dorothy's assistant grabs her arm, Brooke screams to take his hands off her. Dorothy decides to postpone today's hearing and walks out. Later, Bridget finds her mother locked in her house and notices the bruises on her arm. Brooke claims she slipped in the shower but Bridget asks for the truth and wonders if she was raped.

Part Four: Stephanie introduces custody attorney Joe Culkin to Ridge who remarks that the point of today's hearing is to bring back the children to Brooke. Stephanie shows him the morning newspaper that features a photo of Brooke with the new man in her life. After Ridge mentions the guy looks familiar, Stephanie claims that Brooke must have taken the guy home with her last night, though she offers no proof.

Part Five: Dorothy calls about the postponement and Stephanie gloats as Joe offers to find out the reason for the delay. After Storm calls her about the postponement, Donna guesses this is Stephanie's fault. Suggesting they have fun in the office, Donna gets Thorne to remove his shirt and then writes all over his body with washable markers.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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