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Crying that she doesn't want anyone to know, Brooke confesses to Bridget that she was raped by a man who tried to pick her up at the bar.

Brooke tells her daughter all about the rapist and admits that she feared for her life

Bridget (Ashley Jones) assures her that the police will find him but Brooke reveals she didn't call them because he threatened to make sure she would never get her children.

Bridget agrees to back off but gives her a number to an anonymous help line. She's disappointed to realize that Brooke took a shower, ruining any hope of collecting evidence against the rapist.

Bridget then decides to draw some blood and give her a pill to prevent pregnancy.

Joe advises Ridge and Stephanie that Dorothy postponed the hearing because Brooke seemed to be in some kind of distress but can't explain what she meant.

Stephanie jumps on this and pushes Ridge to go for full custody of the children.

Thorne and Donna interrupt and Ridge offers them both his best wishes for a happy life together.

Taking a new tactic, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) asks Stephanie if she'll help her plan her wedding.

Refusing to have anything to do with her "dumb son's decision," Stephanie denies that she had anything to do with Brooke losing her kids.

Thorne urges Ridge not to allow their mother to railroad him into taking Brooke's kids from her

Ridge shows him the newspaper photo of Brooke and a man but Thorne asks if he's now dictating whether Brooke can date anyone.

Ridge becomes upset and throws his support towards Stephanie.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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