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Part One ... Showing her dad the photo, Katie accuses Stephen of shooting Stephanie. Stephen doesn't deny it but claims it's a huge coincidence that the camera was running and pointed in the right direction. When Donna (Jennifer Gareis) defends him, Katie lets loose with all the pain her father caused years ago when he walked away from the family. She accuses him of betraying Storm and her. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) returns and quickly takes the baby from Nick as she updates him on her ill father.

Part Two ... Stephanie decides to confront Stephen (Patrick Duffy) with the damning evidence. Eric insists on driving her but wants to call Lieutenant Baker first. When Eric and Stephanie arrive, she offers Donna an apology but Katie quickly offers her own, handing Stephanie the photo. Eric (John McCook) suggests Stephen confess and end this mess. Claiming the video is faked, Stephen denies firing the gun.

Part Three ... Eric hands over the video of the shooter. First, Stephen asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to help him clear his name and she assures him she believes him. Ann calls Pam and accuses her of going to L.A. to try to steal Eric from Stephanie. Mentioning she left her medication in Chicago, she asks "Pammy" if she shot Stephanie. When Pam doesn't answer, Ann convinces her to pack her things and come home.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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