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The Bold and the Beautiful : Episode Guide (12-11-07)

Seeing the present Ashley got for Taylor (Hunter Tylo), Ridge (Ronn Moss) suggests it's not appropriate because she and Nick (Jack Wagner) have learned that Brooke is actually the mother of their baby.

Ashley is astounded as Ridge asks her not to tell anyone else about the secret. When he mentions Brooke's struggles with her connection to James, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) doesn't believe she'll be able to stay away from the baby.

Nick arranges for Brooke to get a moment alone with the baby. He confirms that Taylor doesn't know about the meeting. As he allows her to feed the baby, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) promises James that she will love him forever but then hands the baby back to his father.

Nick offers to do what it takes to end the feud between him and Ridge for the sake of his son. He suggests she go to Ridge and he'll go to Taylor to request that they put the past behind them. Brooke finds Ridge in his office and approaches him about changing his attitude.

She asserts that James could stop all of this animosity that exists in their lives and says that finally, after all they have been through, it's time to bring the families together.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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