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PART 1: Pacing as she stares at the blown up photo of the shooter's hand and school ring, Brooke wonders to herself if Storm could really hate their father so much so as to frame him for Stephanie's attack. Katie then (Heather Tom) arrives and, as Storm peers in from outside in the rain, Brooke shows her sister the photo of the ring and that Storm has one just like Stephen's (Patrick Duffy).

PART 2: Katie is stunned when Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) asks him to put the ring on his finger and pose his hand like the one in the photo. When he hesitates, she asks if he shot Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Donna describes for Eric how Storm filled in for their father to make sure the family had nice holidays. She goes to slip out of her clothes. Eric finds Ridge at the door.

PART 3: Worried about Stephanie's mood, Eric runs to the mansion as Ridge (Ronn Moss) stays behind to find Donna (Jennifer Gareis) wearing a sexy Santa outfit. Donna then accuses Ridge of being more supportive of Stephanie than Eric (John McCook) - who is upset when Stephanie announces that she is not going to celebrate Christmas with the family this year and has given the tree to a homeless shelter.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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