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PART ONE: Felicia (Lesli Kay) gives Stephanie a hard time when she learns she gave away the tree and isn't celebrating the holiday this year. Ignoring her request, Felicia vows to spend Christmas with her and Nick. Stephanie says she is not doing Christmas and wants to be alone. Later, Stephanie visits Stephen in jail and announces that she only wants one thing for Christmas and that's his confession.

PART TWO: Brooke forces Storm to tell her if he framed their father for Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) shooting. Close to tears, Storm reveals that Stephen blamed him for Brooke's rape. As his anger emerges, Storm boasts that he knew that their father was trying to work his way back into the family and for that reason, "he did it."

: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) offers an excuse for what he did but Storm complains about Stephanie locking Donna (Jennifer Gareis) in the steam room that night and guesses that she would never have been punished for it. He then explains how easy it was to set up the camera for the shooting. He hid as Brooke and then Donna confronted Stephanie.

PART FOUR: Storm (William de Vry) confesses with the cameras still going. He calls it the perfect crime - until now, because he's just confessed to his sisters. He also reveals that he did the deed while he was on hold with Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins). Brooke urges him to do the right thing and hints that he needs help of the professional sort. Storm refuses and vows to make their father go to jail.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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