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PART I: Holding the official document signed by the judge, Storm announces to Stephen, Brooke, Donna and Katie that Stephen is a free man. Admitting he can't go back and solve all the problems he created, Stephen promises to "make it right" with each of his kids. Boasting that he wants the family to heal, Stephen announces that he's going to take Storm out of the country with him to get some help.

PART II: Stephanie calls Donna and orders her to "end it" with her husband or she'll toss Storm to the police. Bridget stops by the Forrester mansion and explains that she's going to Chicago because Pam called to tell her that their mother is ill. Bridget asks why she changed her mind about who shot her. Hearing Stephen and Storm are leaving the country, Stephanie confronts Donna.

PART III: Taylor complains when Nick mentions Brooke's name as he talks about Stephen's good luck. When Jackie arrives, Nick invites Taylor to the Insomnia but she turns him down. He then runs into Brooke at the restaurant and offers his congratulations. Nick then admits that Taylor's been acting weird lately because of Brooke and even claimed that Bridget conspired with her to switch the eggs. Brooke reacts with a warning that Taylor needs help. She then invites Nick to open up to her about his feelings.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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