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PART I: Shocked to hear that his own son shot Stephanie and then framed him for the shooting, Stephen (Patrick Duffy) is disbelieving. He quickly points out that Storm's rage and anger is well-deserved.

Telling his son he has nothing to be ashamed of, Stephen points out that he failed him as a father and until tonight, was not aware of the damage he had done. Storm (William de Vry) counters that this is his fault and is surprised when Stephen remembers the letter Storm wrote him years ago.

PART II: Stephen promises to make up for his sins by standing up for Storm like he should have done so many years ago. Storm suggests he leave and not look back but Stephen decides he's going to confess to shooting Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Confronting him with Donna (Jennifer Gareis), Ridge (Ronn Moss) presses Eric to end his mother's anti-Christmas sentiment.

Donna assures Ridge and Eric that she has no problem with him spending the holidays with his family. Later, Eric (John McCook) surprises Donna with a beautiful bracelet.

He also promises that once the holidays are over, he intends to divorce Stephanie.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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