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Part I: Stephanie is anxious to get out of the hospital and Eric suggests to Ridge and Pam that she knows Donna (Jennifer Gareis) is not the person who shot her. Pam (Alley Mills) wonders how many other people would like to shoot her sister. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) states that she thinks it was Donna who shot her because she was so angry with her for appearing on the runway.

Part II: Ridge (Ronn Moss) decides to go have a talk with Nick and barges into his office, demanding to know if Nick shot their mother. Alone with Eric, Stephanie agrees to move back into the house for now and tries to get him to agree not to see Donna again. Eric (John McCook) refuses and tells her he'll be staying at a hotel while she recuperates. Pam's not pleased to return and see Eric holding Stephanie's hand.

PART III: As Stephen argues that he didn't shoot Stephanie, Charlie hands his father the report on the gun found in Stephen's hotel room. Lt. Baker announces that while the gun was wiped clean of prints, it was definitely the gun used to shoot Stephanie. Stephen again claims he didn't shoot her but Baker orders him to be booked. Baker then shows the gun to Stephanie who identifies it as the one she gave Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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