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PART I: As Pam amuses Stephanie and her family, Lt. Baker arrives with his son, a new detective. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) greets Charlie and tells them both to arrest Donna. She also admits that she gave a gun to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) weeks ago. As the police leave, Eric expresses his hope that the family can heal along with Stephanie. Donna worries to Katie about ending up in prison for something she didn't do.

PART II: Katie chastises her dad and suggests he leave town but he guesses she thinks he shot the woman. Storm (William de Vry) interrupts with the news that Jackie skipped the country after the shooting. Storm points out Brooke isn't here but Stephen tells them they can search his hotel room even if they don't have a warrant. But when he tires of their unending questions, Stephen and Storm both ask the police to leave.

PART III: Charlie emerges from the bedroom with the gun and claims he found it there. Stephen (Patrick Duffy) insists he saw it in Brooke's office but he's placed under arrest and handcuffed. Finding Brooke staring at the photo of Jack, Ridge (Ronn Moss) reminds her of their agreement and takes it from her. Brooke urges Ridge to believe in her sister's innocence but Ridge wants the police to handle the investigation.

He takes her upstairs to have sex.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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