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PART ONE: Stephen sneaks into the Forrester house and threatens Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Stephen says he was framed. Eric escorts Stephen out of the home and calls Lt. Baker to have him arrested for breaking his bond. Katie and Jake shuffle through the footage to find evidence of who shot Stephanie. They find something interesting and print out a hard copy of what they found. Jake leaves to show Stephanie and Eric...

PART TWO: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) starts to believe that Stephen shot Stephanie. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) defends her father's innocence. They are interrupted by Katie (Heather Tom) arriving to say she has proof of who did it. The girls look at the evidence and can’t believe it. The picture shows a man’s hand with Stephen’s wedding ring. Stephen (Patrick Duffy) arrives, Katie shows him the picture and accuses Stephen of being the shooter.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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