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As Dylan helps move Daisy's things back to Harley's place, Buzz warns his daughter that Dylan is using their daughter as an excuse to get close to Harley again. Meanwhile, Gus tries to convince Natalia she's making a mistake moving into the Spaulding mansion but his efforts are for naught when Rafe gets keys to his new car.

Lizzie welcomes them to the mansion by calling them her grandfather's latest "project." Gus uses the sports car as proof that this is a mistake but Natalia is unconcerned when Lizzie reports that her blue SUV was just delivered. Remy also tries to convince Natalia not to move in. Upset, Lizzie hires Remy to work security at the mansion and privately asks him to spy on the guests for her. Gus warns Rafe about the dangers of living with Alan.

When Daisy stops by for a visit, Rafe is distracted as he tosses an antique vase into the air and breaks it. Buzz warns Gus about paying more attention to the right woman in his life. When Natalia finds Daisy and Rafe kissing, she orders the teen out. Daisy offers to give Natalia time with Gus if she'll let her be with Rafe. Gus spots Dylan kissing Harley. Still in pain after her mugging, Ava is annoyed when Olivia confesses that the attack was her idea though her hired hand went too far with it. After Ava calms down, Olivia assures her that this will help her reel in Coop. Meanwhile, as Coop considers viewing the security tapes himself in hopes of finding Ava's mugger, an attorney from the D.A.'s office starts asking questions.

Realizing Ashlee put a bug in her mother's ear on his behalf, Coop thanks her for her help. Jeffrey lets Olivia know that Reva is going to be in his life for awhile. Ava ends up stopping the two from arguing and points out how they sound just like her parents.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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