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When Ashlee admits that Stuart has invited her out for dinner, Coop suggests she accept the offer. When Coop brings Ava a snack from Company, he worries the patient and Olivia by revealing that a detective may have a lead on her attacker. In front of them, Coop later suggests to Jeffrey that the mugger may have been trying to send a message.

In front of Jeffrey, Dr. Flanagan announces to Reva that after nine months of being cancer free, she remains healthy. Reva overhears Olivia ordering a one-way ticket to Mexico. Buzz pushes Ashlee to go surprise Coop at the hospital. Natalia is outraged when Daisy offers to get her some time with Gus and orders her to get out of the Spaulding mansion. Upset, Daisy threatens her and a nearby Rafe asks what she meant by her words. Daisy defends her feelings for him but Rafe supports his mother.

Natalia finds Remy dressed in his Spaulding security uniform and denies that she needs protection. After Daisy walks out, Rafe warns his mother not to trust Remy who almost killed a man. A vindictive Daisy tells Buzz that Natalia is trying to end Harley's marriage. When Natalia arrives, she beats him to the punch and quits her job. Gus enters the house and when he spots Dylan kissing Harley, he punches his rival. Harley screams at him to back off but when she lets slip that she handled it like the last time, Gus attacks Dylan, punching him over and over.

As Dylan ices his eye, Harley assures Gus that she loves him and pushed Dylan away when he kissed her. Dylan insists he won't deny his feelings for Harley and suddenly attacks Gus. After a punch, Gus throws him against the counter and Dylan collapses onto the floor. Just then, a cop arrives, thanks to a call from Jude. While Gus visits Natalia again, Dylan tells Harley he won't press charges if she gives him what he wants. Reva's curious when Ashlee mentions Daisy's suggestion that Ava's mugging was a quite coincidence.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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