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Part 1: Though Nick states that he needs a designer and reminds Brooke that she hasn't designed anything, he impulsively states that he will hire her but wants to delay the announcement until "the time is right." As he dons his jacket to go tell Taylor the news in person, Brooke claims that what happened on the boat will never happen again, adding that she doesn't think he needs to tell Taylor. After he leaves, Brooke starts snooping around in the cabinets, just as Taylor arrives, looking for her husband.

Part 2: Claiming she's going to do whatever it takes to get her children back, Brooke boasts that she got a job and stuns her with the news that Nick hired her. She assures Taylor that her relationship with Nick will be strictly business. Taylor responds that things are too "volatile" right now for her to do this. Boasting earlier about his date tonight, Thorne happily introduces Alana the model to Stephanie, Eric and Felicia and then heads out to Jean Claude's party. As he grabs another glass of champagne, he eyes a photo of Darla and decides to pop a pill.

Part 3: Stephanie invites Abby to spend the night with Ridge's kids and Alexandria at her place, leaving Ashley alone with Ridge. Later, Ridge surprises Ashley with a present.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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