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Part 1: Brooke astounds Bridget and Rick by telling them that the only people she can trust are them and Nick. Eric warns Stephanie and Felicia that Brooke is not done with her career and will land back on her feet which may be a threat to their company. He mentions the idea of bringing Brooke back to the company but Stephanie won't allow it. Rick arrives and leaks that Brooke is going to ask Nick for a job. Stephanie doubts that he'll hire her but when Eric lashes out at her for turning Brooke's personal problems into legal ones, Stephanie accuses him of being concerned now that it may affect his wallet.

Part 2: While waiting for her appointment with Bridget, Taylor calls Nick and asks if they're "okay." He assures her they are but then remembers the anxious moment he had with Brooke last night on the Shady Marlin II. After he hangs up, Brooke arrives and asks for him to hire her so she can get her life back. When she offers to help him destroy the Forresters, Nick claims she's sounding like the woman he once loved but adds that he can't hire her. Brooke convinces him to change his mind.

Part 3: As Bridget begins her examination, Taylor guesses that she's upset about her testimony yesterday. Bridget warns that Brooke will do what she has to do. Taylor points out that she wasn't allowed to say everything she wanted to on the stand and gets Bridget to admit it might be the "wake up call" Brooke needs.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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