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Part 1: When Rick confronts Ashley about why she missed the evening business meeting last night, he guesses that she was with Ridge and slept with him. Not confirming it, Ashley asks what business it is of his. As he hugs her, Phoebe enters the lab. Ashley covers and then exits. Hearing her voice, Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) is reminded of the woman's voice mail she heard from Rick's PDA. Phoebe apologizes for changing her mind about having sex with him the other night. Rick then assures her that he can handle not having sex if it's his way of showing her that he loves her.

Part 2: Phoebe suggests that he can clear up another matter by answering her question about the other woman he saw while they were apart. When he avoids her question, Phoebe gets him to confirm the other woman was Ashley. Meanwhile, Ashley tries to tell Ridge she slept with Rick but he stops her. Donna gets nowhere when she calls Dorothy about why she left Brooke's kids home alone. She complains to Brooke who announces that she needs to concentrate on her work to prove to the Forresters that she should get her children back.

Part 3: Stephanie worries when she finds Thorne (Winsor Harmon) drinking his lunch and lamenting how he's still not over Darla. Thorne asks her to leave him alone. After she leaves, Thorne pops another pill. Donna confronts Stephanie at the mansion and warns that she is not held to the same rules that Brooke is. Stephanie responds by calling her a slut just like her sister. Needing a drink, Donna ends up at the same beach bar where Thorne is drowning his sorrows. She is shocked to see he's drunk and can barely stand.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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