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Part 1: After Rick confirms that his mystery woman was Ashley, Phoebe tries to get him to admit that it was nothing but a friend needing a friend. Instead, Rick admits that it was much more than that and adds that he and Ashley were close in Paris. She wonders why they kept this quiet once he returned from Europe and he claims it was to prevent his father from asking questions that didn't matter. Blaming herself for pushing him back to her, Phoebe asks if he kissed Ashley and then realizes that he slept with her.

Part 2: Rick quickly starts excusing his one night stand, blaming Phoebe for dumping him. Claiming he doesn't want anymore secrets, Rick reveals he asked the pilot to fly them to Mexico. Outraged and crying, Phoebe points out he slept with another woman less than 48 hours after they ended things. Later, Rick warns Ashley that Phoebe knows everything. Phoebe runs to her father and tells him about Rick and Ashley. When Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke is eventually going to go after Nick, Taylor suggests she should be more concerned about her son Thorne who she saw drinking heavily earlier today.

Part 3: Stephanie hints that he's probably blasted her because she chose Nick over him but Taylor warns that Thorne is not doing okay and claims that as a recovering alcoholic, she knows the signs of addiction. Meanwhile, at the Bikini Beach bar, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) tries to talk to a drunk Thorne but after she sees him pop another pill, she and the bartender carry him out as he collapses. She ends up putting him into his bed and, after staring at a photo of "the witch," Donna realizes how she can get even with Stephanie. She strips and falls into bed with Thorne who calls out Darla's name.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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