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Stephanie mumbles to Eric that Donna shot her.

Eric (John McCook) is astounded and asks her to confirm that. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) thinks a minute and again says Donna's name. Eric tells Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that Stephanie accused her.

Donna denies it and pleads with him to believe that she is telling the truth. He responds by asking her to go home. Eric again asks Stephanie if she saw Donna pull out a gun but Stephanie is asleep.

Back at home, Eric is surprised to find Stephanie's sister Pam there. As they eat, Pam admits that she knows about his estrangement from her sister and assures him that she is there to take care of him

After she sends him upstairs, Pam starts folding his clothes and stares angrily at some lingerie she finds.

Ridge (Ronn Moss) asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to show the press a united front and she agrees, boasting that she will be supporting her family by doing so.

Donna sneaks into Stephanie's room and asks her if she's happy. Stephanie wakes and tries to call for a nurse but Donna nixes that plan. She warns her rival that she didn't shoot her and that the attacker - whoever it is - is still out there, on the loose, waiting ...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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