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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide (11-26-07)

  • As Charlie and his father question the Logan family, Stephen (Patrick Duffy) boasts to his kids that he wants to shake the hand of the person who shot Stephanie.
  • Storm (William de Vry) argues that his sisters had plenty of chances in the past to harm the woman but didn't. After the police leave, Katie claims she didn't know that Stephanie had been shot. Storm asks his father to confirm he shot Stephanie. Stephen denies shooting her.
  • Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) opens her desk drawer and realizes the gun she put there is gone. Brooke, Storm and Katie deny shooting Stephanie.
  • Before she's wheeled into surgery, Stephanie mumbles to her family the surname "Logan" ... but then passes out before she can say which one.
  • Felicia (Lesli Kay) quickly assumes that she meant that Donna (Jennifer Gareis) shot her but then guesses it could be any of them.
  • Ridge (Ronn Moss) rushes back to Forrester and demands to know which Logan shot his mother. Brooke then orders Ridge to back the hell off.
  • Eric (John McCook) is relieved when Stephanie wakes after her successful surgery. He talks gently to assure her that she'll be fine and says he won't leave her. She suddenly mumbles the name of Donna.
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