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PART I: Bridget (Ashley Jones) catches Brooke staring and smiling at a pic of Jack and warns her that she's gone too far where Nick and Taylor's baby is concerned. Brooke blurts out her fear that Taylor is hiding other things that may affect the baby but Bridget orders her to back off. Brooke again states that this is her child too. Bridget orders her to stop and warns that she will lose Ridge if she continues to talk this way.

PART II: Ridge (Ronn Moss) interrupts and then sends Bridget out. He warns that he doesn't want Nick to interfere in their relationship so he wants her to keep some distance between her and Nick's family. Brooke promises the baby won't be an issue. Talking about what they know concerning the shooting, Charlie tells his father that he thinks Stephen (Patrick Duffy) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) are the chief suspects.

PART III: Eric (John McCook) sets up a meeting with Ridge, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) and reveals that a very tired, drugged Stephanie told him last night that Donna shot her. He refuses to call the police and explains to his kids. Donna interrupts and tells them she did not shoot Stephanie. As Donna notes that Pam (Alley Mills) had a motive, Stephanie's sister arrives with lemon bars for Eric et al., Donna warns Eric about eating them for fear of what's in them...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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