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B&B Recap, 11/6/07 (Part One)
Even though Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is yelling at her to get the hell out, Stephanie asks if she is going to support Donna's relationship with Eric. Brooke states that she does support her sister so Stephanie starts calling her and Donna names. Donna pleads with Nick to help make sure that Stephanie pays for what she did to her sister. He assumes she wants Eric all to herself and doubts that Stephanie would do such a thing.

B&B Recap, 11/6/07 (Part Two)

Outraged that he doesn't believe her story, Donna insists it's true and hints that once again, it's Stephanie who is getting away with murder and may even go back to work at Forrester. Nick reminds her she can't work there because of the conditions of the sale of the company back to Eric (John McCook). He's also curious that Ridge (Ronn Moss) hasn't done anything about it. Brooke returns home so Nick (Jack Wagner) asks her about Stephanie's role in her rape. When she avoids answering, he tries to storm out to go after Stephanie but Brooke stops him by stating that she needs to get past this.

B&B Recap, 11/6/07 (Part Three)
Donna (Jennifer Gareis) is disgusted when Stephanie (Susan Flannery) comes back again to Eric's office and announces that Donna will be out of the company before the fashion show. Jackie shows Clarke a new "M" sign for her office. He's taken aback when she has a bathtub installed in her office. Clarke then reminds her about the conference coming up in a few. When Jarrett and the other reporters and photographers arrive, Clarke (Dan McVicar) opens the door to them and feigns shock at finding Jackie in her bubble bath.

Afterwards, Jackie offers to prove she's really naked under the bubbles if Jarrett will give her show top billing over the Forrester's upcoming one. But is she? And will he?

The Bold and the Beautiful
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