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PART I: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is impressed to find Eric hard at work on his latest design. When she asks if he's forgiven Stephanie, Eric assures her that she will not be working at Forrester. Brooke says Ridge (Ronn Moss) broke off his engagement with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) so that they can be together. Eric congratulates her and then assures her that he is having a "real relationship" with Donna, boasting that he is completely charmed by her. Donna interrupts and confirms her feelings for Eric.

PART II: After Eric (John McCook) runs off to handle a problem elsewhere, Brooke suggests that Donna take her time with the relationship. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) resents her suggestion and reminds her sister how Brooke had to fight to be accepted. Brooke urges her not to rock the boat more than she already has but Donna claims now is the time to get Stephanie (Susan Flannery) out of their lives. Stephanie complains to Felicia about the situation at home and at her company.

PART III: Stopping by the office to see Eric, Stephanie finds Donna sitting at his desk and calls her a slut. In their bedroom, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) admits to Nick (Jack Wagner) that she's afraid she's losing touch with their baby and may never be a real mother to him. Later, Nick returns home and announces that the doctors have authorized his release. Donna meets with Nick to let him know that Stephanie was responsible for Brooke's rape.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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