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Part I: Guessing he's going to pick his woman at the end of the upcoming fashion show, Donna assures Eric it doesn't matter to her. As they kiss, Felicia enters and complains about what she's seeing. Eric orders her to knock next time, then welcomes Nick (Jack Wagner) to the office. He reminds Eric that he must divorce Stephanie or end the deal that gave Eric his company back. Donna leaves and Felicia tells Nick that no court will allow the divorce to be a part of a business sale.

Part II: After he leaves, Eric tells Felicia (Lesli Kay) that she is not going to tell him how to live his life and as she starts calling Donna names, Eric refuses to allow her to make him feel ashamed. Brooke leaks to Katie that Donna told Nick about Stephanie and Andy. Katie asks Brooke why she's letting Stephanie off the hook. Brooke claims anything she does to her won't make her feel better. Just then, Stephen arrives, muttering that Donna told him something bad happened to Brooke. She denies it and tells her father he wasted his time.

Part III: Donna arrives and asks her father not to leave. Brooke privately berates Donna (Jennifer Gareis) for using her rape to persecute Stephanie and marry Eric (John McCook). When Katie joins in, Donna suggests Brooke is partly responsible because no one holds Stephanie accountable. She asks who is going to get hurt next. Katie (Heather Tom) agrees and Donna urges them to act as a family. When Stephen returns, Brooke whispers she was raped but when she fails to mention Stephanie's name, Donna spills it.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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