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Part I: As The Bold and the Beautiful returns, Donna forces Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to tell their dad about Stephanie's involvement with her rapist. Though she insists on moving on with her life, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Stephen lead the charge to make Stephanie pay for what she did. Brooke insists she wants to be left out of this and Katie asks them to respect Brooke's decision to deal with this "in peace."

Part II: Katie asks Stephen not to go see Stephanie. After they leave the house, Donna tells Stephen that she has a plan for him. Inside, Katie smirks when Brooke suggests that Donna may actually be the best woman for Eric. Eric warns Stephanie that Nick knows what she did and Stephanie reports that she's already dealt with it.

Part III: She surprises him by handing him some of his medications after guessing that he's been neglecting his health. Admitting she regrets some of the things she's done in the past, Stephanie asks him to confirm that she's not too late to be in his life again. Back at the office, Eric (John McCook) is taken aback when Donna admits that she told Nick (Jack Wagner) about Stephanie and Andy.

Part IV: She insists that Stephanie (Susan Flannery) must face consequences of her actions. Stephanie is very much disgusted when a secret admirer sends a dead bird via room service. She's equally upset to find Stephen at her door next. Pushing her closer and closer to the edge of the balcony, Stephen vows to make her pay for what she's done to his family. Stephanie challenges him to push her "if he's man enough" to do it.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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