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As The Bold and the Beautiful kicks off on this 18th day of October, 2007, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) checks in to a hotel suite in Paris and shrieks when she finds Rick in her bathtub.

He explains that he's using the Forrester suite on business and claims he was unaware she was coming. She agrees to let him stay when he admits he gave up his apartment before he moved back to the states.

Katie stops by Brooke's place and finds Ridge (Ronn Moss) coming downstairs

He explains that he had a photo shoot there with Brooke and remained behind for the kids' sake. She notices Brooke's lipstick on his collar and warns him about playing games with her.

Ridge refuses to leave until Brooke returns. Explaining to Brooke they need the mother's bone marrow to save Nick's son, Bridget (Ashley Jones) explains that, thanks to a computer glitch, Brooke is the mother.

Shocked, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) quickly agrees to allow them to harvest the bone marrow they need and is rushed into the room for the procedure. Nick goes to see Taylor to explain what has happened but backs away after he finds her asleep. Dr. Caron reports to Nick that the extraction went well and gives the order for the baby to receive Brooke's "donation."

Taylor wakes and asks about the woman who gave her egg and now her bone marrow. Bridget covers and slips out. Brooke wakes and Nick shows her the baby is receiving her "gift" and thanks her for "our son."

As he holds Brooke's hand, Taylor wheels herself into the room. Nick comes from behind the curtain and Taylor asks to meet their "angel of mercy."

The Bold and the Beautiful
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