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Part I

When Carl's unwilling to read the computer himself, Bridget (Ashley Jones) glances over at the screen and announces that Brooke's eggs were implanted in Taylor which means that Brooke is the biological mother of Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Nick's new baby. Told he has CMV, a non-dangerous virus for him, but one that would be very dangerous for the baby, Nick is unable to be a bone marrow donor.

Part II

Told the father can't be a donor for the baby, Ann agrees to come in to be tested and is surprised to hear the baby is at University Hospital which is where she works too. Nick slips out of Taylor's room and rushes to confront Bridget who reports that Brooke's egg was used. As he paces and considers how this horrible thing happened, Nick demands to see Brooke.

Part III

Standing in front of a roaring fire, Ridge and Brooke sip champagne and then embrace for the sake of Bree, a photographer snapping pictures for the next edition of "Eye on Fashion." After Bree flees, Brooke again makes a play for Ridge (Ronn Moss) but then backs off as she reminds him of how good they are together.


Guessing he still hasn't forgiven her for running to Nick's arms after the trip to Australia, Brooke insists Nick is out of her life and again pleads with Ridge to let her into his life for R.J.'s sake. The two then kiss but are interrupted by a call from Bridget. When Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrives at the hospital, Nick and Bridget pull her aside and explain that the life of his new son depends on her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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