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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part 1

Eyeing the article that blames Brooke for the growing failure of Forrester Creations, Jackie hints to Nick that she might have done this deliberately. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) claims she panicked and offers to do an interview and say whatever she wants. Nick stops his mother and claims he's responsible for saving the company drenched in red ink.

Holding the same magazine article in his hands, Eric is surprised when Donna urges him to jump on this opportunity and make Nick an offer for the company. She urges him to buy the company without involving Stephanie (Susan Flannery).

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part 2

Donna escorts Eric over to Nick's office where he offers to buy back the company, without Jackie's boutiques, for the same price Nick paid him. Nick acts unimpressed so Eric threatens to walk until Donna asks if the rumors about his failing marriage are true. Eric won't comment but Donna urges Nick to consider the deal. Ridge apologizes to an angry Ashley who demands to know why he left her to go see his ex-wife in lingerie.

He won't talk but Ashley (Eileen Davidson) won't let up until Ridge finally confesses that Brooke was raped. Ashley is taken aback as Ridge admits that he happened to be the one person she turned to. He tells Ashley that he "really, really loves her." Brooke describes to Katie what it was like to be at the rape crisis center and then doubts that Ridge's engagement is going to last especially after the kiss Ridge (Ronn Moss) gave her.

Katie warns her about reading too much into the lip lock.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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