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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part One (10/1/2007)

Ridge (Ronn Moss) finds Brooke ranting about Andy and tells him that she's got to change and get Andy and Stephanie out of her life. He comforts her until she suddenly decides that she must go out there to the press party. Ridge won't allow it and Nick arrives and confirms that she should stay away from the reporters.

Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) barges in and orders Brooke to face the reporters, blaming Ridge for the mishap earlier but Nick straightens her out and tells his mother to go handle it. Ridge agrees to take Brooke home but insists on taking her to get some professional help with therapist Beth Cambridge. Brooke insists on Ridge sitting on the couch with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part Two (10/1/2007)

Rick leaks to Ashley that he got a call about Ridge being backstage at the Forrester Creations' show today. She calls Ridge and when she learns he's with Brooke again, she threatens to end their relationship. Ridge assures Brooke he will help her through all of her sessions and kisses her when she asks if she'll ever be able to accept a kiss from a man again. Donna updates Eric (John McCook) about the show today and Brooke's decision to wear the show stopper. He guesses that she was unable to do it.

Donna then suggests that Stephanie needs to be held accountable for what has happened. She suggests that Brooke might be better should this happen and adds that Eric may be able to get his company back too. Eric claims Nick will never sell it back. Donna then shows off the newest design she last wore on the runway. Eric recognizes it as one Clarke probably stole from him and removes it before they kiss passionately.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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