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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap, 10-22-07

Part One

As Donna (Jennifer Gareis) secretly listens from the terrace, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) tells Eric that she does not want what happened to interfere with a future with him. She denies that she wanted Brooke to be raped but Eric claims she got lost in her own hate which is nothing new to her. He goes on to accuse her of being jealous and claims that Ridge is the real love of her life. Stephanie defends her love for Ridge but Eric points out how she took Brooke's kids from her.

Part Two

As she starts to blame him, Eric (John McCook) stops her and resents that she's doing this again. He demands that she atone for what she did to Brooke and then warns that things have changed in his life while she was gone. After Stephanie leaves, Donna emerges and points out what Eric can have with her rather than Stephanie. Brooke refuses to leave as an hysterical Taylor orders her to leave her and her baby alone.

Brooke explains to her and Nick how a stupid clerical error has resulted in Taylor giving birth to a baby hatched from Brooke's egg.

Part Three

However, Brooke tells her that the baby is Taylor's. Crying, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) continues to worry that she has lost the baby to her rival but Nick stops them both and quietly whispers to his wife that they are the parents and will shape their son as he grows up. As Ridge argues with Phoebe about Nick's ability to be a father, he gets a call from the hospital revealing that Brooke will not be released tonight. Shocked, Ridge rushes there and quickly learns that she donated her bone marrow to the Marone baby.

Ridge (Ronn Moss) then hears the doctor thank Brooke for donating the bone marrow to her baby and asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) what she meant by that

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