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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide, Part I

As they look at their baby, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) cries to Nick that she feels ashamed for being so selfish. Nick points out today didn't turn out like either of them wanted. Taylor goes on to point out that while their baby looks like Nick (Jack Wagner), she can also see Brooke in him too.

The two then argue about Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) being the baby's birth mother. Nick claims she's an egg donor and that's it. The two do agree on naming their son Jack Hamilton Marone after his mother and her father. Ridge listens in disbelief as Brooke explains how her egg ended up being used to make the baby that Nick and Taylor now call their own. She insists this has not changed their relationship at all.

The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Guide, Part II

As the truth sinks in, Ridge tells Brooke that Nick and Taylor's baby is hers. Brooke corrects him that he's Nick and Taylor's baby and then asks Ridge to confirm that his feelings for her haven't changed. Instead, Ridge keeps insisting that he knows she can't ignore that the baby is her son. Brooke pleads with Ridge (Ronn Moss) not to pull away from her and badmouths his future with Ashley.

Donna lays into Stephanie when she finds her ringing Brooke's doorbell. She suggests that Stephanie use the key hidden under the flower pot but then reminds her that Brooke's rapist took it and used it to get inside and rape Brooke. Stephanie denies that she is responsible for Andy raping Brooke but then recounts how she mentioned Brooke hiding her house key. Donna warns her things are only going to get worse...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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