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Part One
With Brooke home from the hospital, Bridget (Ashley Jones) advises her to take it easy for a few days. Brooke announces that she is not going to give up on being with Ridge. When she reacts to a statement Andy made, Bridget spots her holding the key Andy used and asks her when the last time she went to therapy was. Eric resents it when Felicia claims his relationship with Donna is nothing more than a meaningless fling.

Part Two
He demands that she stay out of this but she calls Donna (Jennifer Gareis) a "hoochie mama" which only angers Eric further. Eric (John McCook) claims that he won't talk to Stephanie again until she apologizes to Brooke. Finding his mother at the door, Ridge says there is nothing here for her. Stephanie enters and claims that she missed him. He blasts her for running scared but she claims she left because she needed help.

Part Three
Ridge (Ronn Moss) is unimpressed by the idea of getting help from her mother and announces that he will never forgive her for the role she played in Brooke's rape. When she congratulates him on his engagement to Ashley, Ridge reveals that she's in Europe giving him time to consider whether they should marry, now that he's closer to Brooke. She asks where Brooke is but Ridge orders her to stay away.

Part Four
When Eric stops by her house to warn that Stephanie is back, Brooke angrily states that she never wants to see her again, hinting that she doesn't know what she might do if she does run into Stephanie. After Eric leaves, Ridge calls to warn Brooke. Ignoring Ridge's warning, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) arrives at Brooke's and Brooke starts screaming at her and throwing things.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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