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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part I

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) blasts Stephanie for telling Andy about the key to her house. Stephanie denies knowing she actually kept her key there but Brooke counters that it's the idea that's important. Stephanie at that point confides to Brooke that she has driven so many loved ones away and wants to bring them back by starting with Brooke. Brooke wants nothing to do with her and claims she's already stronger than ever.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part II

Introducing Eric to Claire, Donna suggests he hire her as the new spokes model for Forrester. Eric reminds her that it's her job but Donna explains why the role's no good for her anymore. Donna then unveils a number of photos of Eric that she thinks need to be used to promote him and the company. When he claims women don't want to see him because he's not young, Donna guesses that's Stephanie's influence talking. She again urges him to dump Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and have the kind of life she thinks he can have.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide Part III

After he accepts the publicity campaign idea, Stephanie stops by and admits her visit with Brooke might have done Brooke some good. Stephanie eyes the photos for the campaign and wants to make some changes but he won't allow it. Sensing his new cologne, hair style and jacket, Stephanie guesses he's having an affair and later realizes it's not Jackie but Donna. She calls him an old fool. After Ashley boards the Forrester jet with Rick, she takes a call from Ridge (Ronn Moss) who can't wait to see her back in L.A.

As they stare at Nick (Jack Wagner) and Taylor's baby at the hospital, Bridget offers Ridge some advice. Ridge runs to Brooke's place and she pleads for him to choose her, not Ashley.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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