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Part I
As Stephanie calls her a slut, Donna boasts that she's glad Eric (John McCook) no longer wants her in her life. The three argue until Stephanie announces that Donna is fired. Eric disagrees and explains the terms of the deal that brought his company back to him. When Stephanie asks if Eric intends to divorce her, he points out that he's in his office and is running his company.

Part II
After Donna (Jennifer Gareis) leaves, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) guesses what Eric is feeling because of his new lover and describes it as a typical affair. Eric insists he's thought this through and knows what people will be saying. However, he's happy and won't change his mind. He demands a separation and insists she live somewhere else. Stephanie counters that this is not the end of them.

Part III
As Brooke claims she won't do anything to badmouth his relationship with Ashley, she then claims that the truth will bring Ridge to her. He warns her that Nick and Taylor's (Hunter Tylo) baby is now going to drag her back into Nick's life. Ridge then confesses that while he promised Ashley that he would try to put Brooke out of his life, he's found that he can't do it and now wants a life with her.

Part IV
After he admits he hasn't told Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Brooke invites him up to her bed. Ridge asks her to wait but she won't let up. Katie surprises Thorne with lunch in his cluttered office. When she complains about the lack of nice men to date and asks who he's seeing, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) claims she's the only woman which puts a big smile on her face. Donna walks by later and finds them kissing. She interrupts and after guessing they're not having sex, asks why Katie can't be accepting of her relationship with Eric.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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