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Part One
As we resume the drama on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ashley points out that his mother's not on the guest list. In response to this, Ridge explains that she's not invited but she asks him to forgive his mother for all she did during the custody battle. Ridge changes the subject and talks about measuring her for her wedding dress. After Ashley leaves, Brooke calls from Big Bear and claims that Andy was just there. He reminds her that he's dead but then decides to drive up to the cabin.

Part Two
Ridge (Ronn Moss) finds her cowering on the living room floor until he rushes to her and she embraces him. Later, after she calms down and wonders why this is happening, he reminds her that it is going to take time for her to heal. Brooke apologizes for calling him but when he announces that he's leaving, she asks if he has to go. He opts not to stay but then changes his mind when little R.J. enters, afraid of "outside noises."

Part Three
Donna lets Eric (John McCook) into Nick's office where he concurs that he has reached a final decision about Forrester Creations. Jackie urges him to agree to end his marriage to Stephanie and when Donna adds her own opinion, Eric announces that he will pay Nick what he was originally paid and claims that Stephanie will never have anything to do with the company.

Part Four
Eric refuses to allow Nick to control his personal life but when Jackie makes another plea, Eric relents and agrees to divorce Stephanie. Later, Eric calls and leaves another message for Stephanie, ordering her to call home. Sitting at his old desk, Eric then thanks Donna for all she has done for him but then leaks that he can't rashly divorce Stephanie like he agreed.

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