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Part I

As R.J. falls asleep, Brooke points out their son's good points and gives Ridge all the credit. After the two fall asleep, Rick calls and figures out that Ridge is up at Big Bear with her. When Ashley (Eileen Davidson) bumps into Rick, he quickly tells her where Ridge is.

Part II

Ashley defends Ridge but Rick (Kyle Lowder) points out that Ridge "the operator" always has an excuse for being with Brooke. He pleads with her to be with him instead. Brooke asks Ridge if he can forgive her just one last time so they can be together. Taking her outside, Ridge is upset when she calls Ashley a "distraction" and insists he doesn't want to be with Brooke.

Part III

After he leaves, Ashley calls Brooke and accuses her of trying to stop their wedding. As Nick packs up his office, he questions Donna about her sudden interest in Forrester Creations and her plans once Eric is back in charge. Nick then guesses that Donna is already sleeping with Eric. Jackie slips into Eric's large tub at the mansion and surprises him with a champagne toast to the beginning of "us."

Part IV

Thinking it was Donna in the bubble bath, Eric is taken aback and makes a hasty retreat as Jackie talks about their relationship. Once he leaves, Donna arrives and mistakenly thinks that Eric is in the tub. She strips and heads into the bathroom only to grab a towel once she sees Jackie in the tub. Eric finds them in the small room and confirms for a stunned Jackie that he has feelings for Donna.

Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) climbs out of the tub and dons a robe. Donna offers her hand in friendship but Jackie tosses her into the tub and yells at both of them.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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